Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2022 | Fully FundedScholarships For Non-EU Students At Sciences Po

Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy scholarships, named after the founder of Sciences Po (1871), in order to attract the very best international students from outside the European Union who applied for Undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes at the university. The Emile Boutmy Scholarships is awarded to top students with great leadership skills whose profiles match the admissions priorities of Sciences Po and individual course requirements. See also American American Chemical Society Scholarship 2022 | Fully Funded

About Emile Boutmy Scholarships

The scholarship program takes place at Sciences Po University, Paris, France, it cut across Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in all courses in the university. The number of the scholarships is not specified and is currently targeted at Non-EU international students. 

Scholarships Value and inclusion(s)

Under Graduate: The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is awarded to students

arriving at Sciences Po for the first year of studies  and can take several different forms ranging from:  

  • A tuition grant of €7,300 per year for the three years of the undergraduate programme, in addition to a grant to cover part of the cost of living of €5000 per year.
  • A tuition grant of €7,300 per year for the three years of the undergraduate programme.
  • A tuition grant of €5,000 per year for the three years of the undergraduate programme.
  • A tuition grant of €3,000 per year for the three years of the undergraduate programme.

Master’s  Degree  program for Emile Boutmy Scholarships

The Emile Boutmy programme can take two different forms which include:

  • A grant of €10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Masters
  • A tuition grant of €5,000 per year for the two years of the master’s.


On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of 19,000€ may be granted to cover the three years of College. Scholarship amounts are decided during the different admission juries.
If you do not validate your academic year, your scholarship will be lost.
If you have been granted a scholarship and decide to defer your admission, your scholarship will be lost.

During the year abroad (the third year of the undergraduate programme): scholarship recipients will retain their tuition fee grant and additional cost of living grant (if applicable). See Nigerian Navy Recruitment & Enlistment 2022| How To Secure Navy Job In Nigeria

Students must indicate that they are applying for the Emile Boutmy scholarship in the “Financial information” section of their Sciences Po application. Please note that we might ask applicants to provide proof of income and documents explaining their family situation

Eligibility Criteria for Emile Boutmy Scholarships

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be, first-time applicants, from a non-European Union state, whose household does not file taxes within the European Union, and who have been admitted to the Undergraduate or Master’s programme. The scholarships are absolutely on merit and based on academic performance. 

How to apply for Emile Boutmy Scholarships
  • Deadline for undergraduate programme: February 28, 2021. You must apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship directly in your Sciences Po online application. Please note that no application for the scholarship sent by email will be accepted.
  • Deadline for the master programme: December 6, 2020

Visit the official website for your application



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