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Heinrich Boll Scholarships are awarded to international students who gained their university entrance qualification from a school outside of Germany. Such students must enroll to  study for a Masters or PhD Degree in Germany. However, the böll Stiftung Foundation annually offers this scholarship to encourage academically talented students. See also ARES Scholarships 2022 | How To Secure Funds To Study In Belgium

In addition, Heinrich Boll  will offer fully funded scholarships to selected students from across the globe. The recipients will receive  €850  for Non-EU students and €1350 for EU students. We encourage you to apply if your academic qualifications meet the eligibility criteria for Heinrich Boll Scholarships. Selection is on merit and objective is to sponsor academic talented students. Always submit your application before deadline. 

About Heinrich Boll Scholarships

The scholarship takes (holds) at State or state-recognized Universities in Germany, level and fields of study include:- Masters’s Degree or PhD Degree in all subjects offered at state or state-recognized universities in Germany, for EU students, Master’s Degree courses at the state or state-recognized universities in Germany, Switzerland, and other EU member states are possible. The number of scholarships to be awarded is not specified. The program is targeted at international students, both EU and non-EU, who are not educated in Germany. See also Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program 2022 | Fully Funded

Heinrich Boll Scholarships Value and inclusion (s)

Value of  Heinrich Boll Scholarships Master Degree 
Non-EU students: €850 per month plus various individual allowances; tuition fees are in certain cases possible in Germany.
EU students: varies, max. €649 plus €300 book money per month; tuition fees are not possible in Germany but possible to a limited extent in other countries.

The scholarship is awarded for the regular period of study and may be extended by one semester. See also Queensland University Law Scholarship| Fully Funded| 2022

Value of PhD Studies:
Non-EU students: €1,200 per month plus €100 mobility allowance per month, plus various individual allowances; tuition fees are not possible.
EU students: €1350 per month basic scholarship plus €100 per month research costs allowance; tuition fees are not possible in Germany but possible to a limited extent in other countries.

The scholarship is awarded for two years, as a rule, maybe extended twice at most by half a year

  • Check if you are among the special focus groups in this application round.
  • Gather information on the application process and the requested documents.
  • Register for the online application portal.
  • Provide the requested information in the Online Application Portal.

Eligibility Criteria for Heinrich Boll Scholarships

Intending applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

International Master Students who earned their university entrance qualification outside Germany:

  • You may apply before commencing your Masters’s program or at any time up to the end of the first semester of the Masters’s program.
  • Proof of professional qualification must be provided

International Doctoral (PhD) students who earned the university entrance qualification outside Germany:

  • The applicant must have been accepted as a doctoral student by a state or state-recognized university in Germany. Proof of admission, as a rule in Germany, must be included with the application.
  • By the application date, preliminary work must have been completed and a valid timetable for completion must be submitted.
  • PhD subjects related to focal points of the Foundation’s activities will be given priority. See 

How to apply for Heinrich Boll Scholarships

For details of application requirements and procedures, please consult information sheet A 1-1 (“scholarship application for undergraduate and graduate students”, PDF) or A 2-1 (“scholarship application for doctoral studies”). The online application portal closes on 1 March at the latest.

Please kindly visit the official scholarship website for your application and further enquiries. You are expected to follow the application guidelines carefully and make sure you follow the steps as stated:

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