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Rhodes Global Scholarships:-Until recently, the Rhodes Scholarships have been awarded in 20 constituencies (representing over 60 different countries). Now the Rhodes Scholarships are fully global: two new Global Scholarships allow eligible candidates from the rest of the world to apply (subject to nomination).

Rhodes Global Scholarships desire to sponsor students who have shown serious academic talent and who are willing to make a meaningful contribution to their different areas of speciality. Candidates must exhibit will be to a notable peace.

 About Rhodes Global Scholarships

Rhodes scholarship is the oldest (first awarded in 1902) and perhaps most prestigious international scholarship programme, enabling outstanding young people from around the world to study at the University of Oxford.

  • Scholarship Location: The United kingdom
  • Institution: Oxford University
  • Sponsors: Rhodes Scholarship Fund
  • Levels: Masters/ PhD Degree
  • Deadline: August 2, 2021
  • Target: Students who are not from existing Rhodes constituencies
  • Study: Any full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford
  • Duration: Two (2)  Years
  • Number of Scholarships: 2 scholarships will be awarded to successful students.

Rhodes Global Scholarships Value

  • Rhodes Scholarships will cover all expenses in the University and College fees;
  • The University application fee;
  • A living stipend (£15,900 per annum for 2021);
  • One economy class airfare to Oxford at the start of the scholarship and one economy flight back to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship.

Rhodes Global Scholarships duration is two years, subject always to satisfactory academic performance and personal conduct. Subject to an application process, students may be considered for a third year if he/she had an outstanding performance during the study period or may be extended for a third year for those who take a recognized route to the DPhil (PhD).

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Rhodes scholarship requirements

Interested candidates should and must possess the following criteria to be considered. Also, note that the Rhodes scholarship acceptance rate is high.

  • Nationality/citizenship: Eligibility to any other Rhodes Scholarship renders you ineligible to apply for a Global Scholarship, i.e. if you are eligible to apply via any existing Rhodes Constituency, you must apply there. Please also see the information online regarding inter-jurisdictional consideration – it may be in your interest to pursue that route rather than to apply for a Global Scholarship, which will likely be the most competitive Scholarships offered by the Rhodes Trust.
  • Age: Upon 1 October 2020, you must meet either of the below criteria,
  1. You must be at least 18 and have not reached your 24th birthday (i.e. you must have been born after 1 October 1997 and on or before 1 October 2003). OR (for older candidates who completed their first undergraduate degree later than usual)
  2. You must have not reached your 27th birthday (i.e. have been born after 1 October 1994) AND you have met or will meet the requirements for completion of your first degree on or after 1 October 2020
  • Academic achievement: You must have completed (or will have completed by June / July 2022) an undergraduate degree with a First Class or minimum GPA minimum of 3.70 out of 4.0 (or equivalent). Please note carefully the requirements for your chosen course at Oxford, which may be higher still. Successful candidates typically feature within the top few ranks of their graduating classes.
  • English language: You must have a sufficiently high standard of English to meet the English language proficiency requirements (at the Higher Level listed) of the University of Oxford.
  • If unsuccessful in your first application to the Rhodes Scholarships, you may subsequently re-apply only once more (and this must be in the same constituency), subject to meeting the eligibility criteria
Rhodes scholarship winners 2022

Below are the names of the 2022 winners

Devashish Basnet, Veronica M. Lucian, Samantha C.W. O’Sullivan, Aimee B. Clesi, Elizabeth Guo, Mary E. Orsak, Elvin N. Irihamye, Coleman L. Warren,

What is Rhodes’s global scholarship?

The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest (first awarded in 1902) international scholarship programme, enabling outstanding young people from around the world to study at the University of Oxford.

How to apply for Rhodes Global Scholarships

Candidates are strongly advised to submit applications for Rhodes global Rhodes scholarships, as no candidates will be considered without application, each participating university has a limited number of students to be presented per year.

Please kindly visit the Rhodes Global Scholarships official website for your application:  Information for Global Candidates and visit the Official Scholarship Website:

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